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On February 29, 2016, Camron commented on Dating Hub, XO and the HBS Fire Sale :

Have to say, both of these are pretty cool ideas. There’s definitely been a lot of talk about making the dating scene for singles better since there are so many couples coming into HBS. However, my question is, how do these improve upon the existing dating apps that presumably the same people that would try these new platforms are on using? I imagine the creators feel like the focus on HBS students and also the limited time we have left as on campus are the two things will drive usage. And I wouldn’t argue those points. However, after looking at both sites, I think it would behoove the creators to clearly define the value proposition and why they are better than existing options. In addition, I’d do what I could to make the users feel that this information would truly be kept confidential. When I first heard about this, I remember a prank email coming out RC year asking people to enter email address of desired Holidazzle dates. I think it ended up being harmless but it definitely caused people to question being forthcoming with their “HBS crushes.” Maybe the answer is as simple as a legally binding privacy statement (e.g., more than “I will not share your data” in the FAQs) or improved marketing (potentially using current students) to make people more comfortable. Overall, I think the ideas are very strong and it may make for an interesting final few months at HBS.