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On March 2, 2016, CEverett commented on “Wow” : My Reaction to Facebook’s New Reaction Buttons :

I appreciated your post and your recognition of the many advantages and disadvantages of these new reaction buttons. I am now curious if they will be able to adapt and iterate on these reactions, especially considering that there were no changes to “Like” in seven years as you mentioned. I know that many people want a “Dislike” button and were disappointed when this was not an option, and I wonder if Facebook will ever reconsider. It will be interesting to note any future changes or if they feel like the initial tests before launching this update were sufficient to keep the Reactions as is for another seven years.

From the data standpoint, I am curious how/if Facebook will use users’ reactions to actually influence results. It is another way to measure engagement, leaving more ways for people to interact with posts, so I assume that the NewsFeed will serve more stories similar to those which people “react” to. I do wonder about your point about serving people who like to vent “angry” posts and what negative PR that could bring with it.

Thank you for talking about this topic. It will definitely be interesting to watch!