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I agree that there are some design elements that could have been done to reduce valid reasons for the backlash, but the government would have taken them to court regardless because of the general stance on gambling. If you read some of the arguments taken in court, they aren’t even about the design choices of the site…they major argument keeps coming back to if DFS are a game of skill or game of chance and if they are games of chance then that’s gambling and illegal. No matter the design of the site, it doesn’t seem to me that they could have prevented the argument that they are considered a game of chance– gambling.

On March 17, 2016, Mickey commented on The Realtors will Die :

You make a good point that the other professionals such as inspectors are a lot more valuable. There’s also the fact that all agents aren’t necessarily good especially for property within the range the average buyer can afford. And there aren’t many reliable ways other than word-of-mouth to know if a realtor is actually worth it.