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On February 24, 2016, Ryan Kraft commented on Voting Mobile Applications and the Future of Political Engagement :

I definitely agree with the perception of inaccessibility. I have found it difficult in the past to engage with these outreach and educational efforts because of fears about biases and how difficult many of these issues are to understand and communicate. Facts can be conveniently worded and messages can be crafted to intentionally deceive. Therefore, it is nice to see a platform that is purely focused on education in an engaging and easy manner. I hope developers can continue to work on these issues to improve engagement, especially with young people.

I am taking power and influence this semester and we have been discussing politicians and messaging recently. One of the big takeaways has been that even above policy content, projecting a combination of warmth and strength is the most important aspect of campaigning. The basic premise is that we trust and engage with the person before we listen and agree with their message. My question is with these social media strategies and educational platforms, how can the candidates communicate their character and this combination of warmth and strength? Or do you think that these technology platforms will actually change the way that voters evaluate candidates, focusing more on policy content instead of character?

Also, when I first read the title, I envisioned actual voting on mobile devices. Do you see a future where we just vote on our smartphones with advancements in security technology? That might be the ultimate way to improve engagement, especially for young people.