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On March 11, 2016, Sameer Manek commented on WeWork: An Offline Corporation Made Possible by the Online Economy :

I have a hard time seeing how this is that different from an early form of the Airbnb or Lyft model. Both of these businesses tried to create a community through their products (and succeeded to some degree), although both eventually shifted from community-oriented to customer-oriented. That is, their goals are now satisfying the customer and service provider needs over creating a lasting community. It seems like WeWork might be different in that it is able to sustain its community orientation, and that might allow them to sustainably make a profit (whereas Lyft and Airbnb are fighting tooth and nail against competitors).

The visualization you included is fairly interesting too — it alludes to a spectrum of ‘ways to monetize a service’ (Taskrabbit, Udemy, etc) vs ‘ways to monetize capital’ (Airbnb, Craigslist to some degree, Getaround, etc). I wonder whether there is a reasonable business model to try and monetize the creation of a community, and whether it could be extended beyond working (WeWork) and living (WeLive, Roam) environments. Maybe some sort of “Sunday Dinner Club” (monetize a family-esque community) or “Vacation with Friends” (monetize a traveling group style community)?