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Ellen DeGeneres Empowered By Going Online

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Ellen DeGeneres puts content online and wins big with views and ad revenue.

Everyone knows Ellen DeGeneres, the comedian actor turned talk show host. The Ellen DeGeneres Show is one of the most popular programs on daytime television. Each episode is one hour long and usually includes a monologue, a celebrity guest, some dancing, a performance of some sort and a do-good for the community part. Ellen also signs off every episode by encouraging everyone to be kind to one another. Her show is uplifting and a great pick-me-up for anyone having a tough day. However, it used to be hard to catch an Ellen episode because it airs at 3 or 4pm in the afternoon so she wasn’t reaching her potential market of viewers. Enter Youtube and the online economy.

In more recent years, Ellen has created an incredible website where fans and viewers can catch episodes and clips of her shows, submit fan mail, buy Ellen products, get tickets to her show and much more. The online economy has allowed her reach more people because now anyone can watch a clip at any time. She sells advertising in front of her online videos so she is able to capture value from her online clips in addition to the advertising she receives for her tv show commercials and for product placements in her actual show.

Going online is a great idea for Ellen because more people are consuming content online through subscription services like Netflix or Hulu. Our hectic lifestyles make it harder to sit down for a full hour everyday to watch a TV show but we often have a few minutes here and there to watch a short Youtube clip so that is what Ellen is providing. Her online clips are short, usually around 3 minutes. Even if she has more content with one actor or guest, she splits the interview into shorter segments. This increases chances that people will watch the whole clip, creates more opportunities for ads, and allows her to give a new catchy title to each clip for marketing purposes.

There is the concern that putting content online will lower the number of viewers for her regular show, but I don’t think that is an issue. People who have the time will continue to watch the show as they hang out around the house, but now many more millions of viewers can tune in watch Ellen as they please. People also love going to the filming of Ellen Shows live so that will continue. And, the online platform allows people to share their favorite Ellen moments with their friends in an easy way. It encourages word of mouth advertising, which helps increase viewers, which increases ad revenue. The online economy is changing how people advertise on, and consume TV. It will be interesting to see what happens to talk shows in 5 years time.

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